Qunsen recommended industrial water mist jet dust effect obvious fog cannon machine

Industrial water mist jet processing micro-dust mist cannon machine

2023-09-14 10:07 Qunsen Environmental Protection
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Fog cannon machine is a kind of spray equipment, mainly used for dust removal, cooling, humidification and other aspects.

The main features of the QS type fog cannon machine are: Can produce high pressure fog, so that the diameter of water mist particles is less than 150 μ m, can effectively adsorb the dust particles suspended in the air, make the dust settle under the action of gravity, to achieve the dust suppression effect.

Long range, can choose 20-150 meters range, fog size is adjustable, has a strong practicality. It can be mobile, with remote spray function, and can be widely used in forestry, municipal administration, road administration, construction commission, sanitation, urban management and other fields. Fixed-point spray and mobile spray can be used, with a wider applicability.

Fog cannon machine can also add a variety of spray mouths according to the actual needs to achieve different spray effects.

In general, the Qunsen environmental protection fog cannon machine is an efficient and practical spray equipment, which can play an important role in all fields. A fog cannon machine is a spray device that can be used to spray water mist or liquid medicine.

Fog cannon machine is usually used in environmental protection dust removal, agricultural spraying, fire fighting, hydraulic device and other places, according to the use of different environment and demand, the type and function of Qunsen environmental protection fog cannon machine will be different.


According to the different jet distance, the fog gun machine can be divided into remote sprayer, fixed fog gun machine and high-tower fog gun machine. A remote sprayer can deliver water to a remote nozzle through a pressurized device and spray mist into the air through a blower.

QS fog gun is a spray equipment commonly used in environmental and industrial fields.


The after-sales service of the fog gun machine is as follows:

One-year warranty starting from the date of purchase.

During the quality assurance period, the maintenance cost shall be borne by the manufacturer due to the quality problems of the equipment itself or the normal operation of the operator according to the operating procedures.

During the warranty period, if the product breaks down, the after-sales service center will give a telephone reply within 1 hour after receiving the user's call, and the after-sales service personnel will arrive to the customer's location for on-site maintenance within 24 hours.

After the warranty period, the manufacturer provides long-term spare parts supply and technical services.


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