Industrial fog gun coal mine 100 meters dust removal fog gun coal shed industrial large fog gun

Industrial fog gun coal mine 100 meters dust removal fog gun

2023-08-16 17:00 群森
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Product details ---------------------------------------- Dust removal fog gun machine is a new and more effective dust control equipment in the world, which can deal with the dust generated by the following working conditions: coal mine, material handling, garbage disposal, construction and demolition, material warehouse and port, etc. In addition, this equipment is widely used to reduce urban PM10 and PM2.5, and the dust removal efficiency reaches more than 95%. The dust reduction fog gun machine can reach the effect of dust removal by using the purified water. If necessary, additives can also be added in the water tank to reduce the tension on the water surface, change the hydrophilicity, so as to avoid dust with static electricity, to achieve micro dust into water droplets, natural landing through gravity, to achieve dust removal. Once the mixture of dust and water lands, the surface layer will form a curing object, curing the dust under it, to avoid the secondary dust.


1, strong ability, long range, wide coverage, can achieve fine spray; high working efficiency, fast spray speed.

2. When the yard is easy to cause dust, the fog particles are small and contact with the floating dust, a wet fog is formed, which can quickly restrain and sink the dust.

3, flexible supporting power, can use three-phase 380V mains, but also supporting diesel generator set power supply.

4. It can be fixed and installed on the concrete pouring platform, and can also be equipped with diesel generator set power supply and installed on the transport vehicle.

5, flexible operation, safe and reliable use, remote control and manual control operation, can adjust the horizontal Angle of rotating spray.

6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, water consumption can save 70%~80% (spraying gun, sprinkler truck), and the dust area covered by water mist is far greater than that of other dust suppression spraying equipment.


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